Online Storage Rentals Available

Air Conditioned Storage

One of the keys when looking for the right storage rental is finding the right dimensions. If the rental is too small, you obviously won’t be able to store everything that you need to pack away. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend more money than necessary by renting one that is larger than you require. At Climate Guard, our online storage rentals come in a number of different sizes so you can pick one which is perfect for your needs. In fact, we have a total of eight different sizes for you to pick from, which are as follows:

Standard & Air Conditioned Storage

  • 5’ x 5’
  • 5’ x 10’
  • 5’ x 15’
  • 10’ x 10’
  • 10’ x 15’
  • 10’ x 20’
  • 10’ x 25’
  • 10’ x 30’

We also have heated storage available, which may be a smart choice if you have items that would be in danger if left in the cold for an extended period of time. Start today quickly and rent storage online below.

The Power of Small Units

You might be surprised to find just how much stuff you can place inside of a 5’ x 5’. That is especially true if you have mostly boxes which can be stacked neatly on one another. This rental is obviously the most cost-effective option we have for you to consider, so you can save money while still storing away some of your important possessions.

The Other End

If you have a large number of items to store – or if you have large possessions to consider – you may need to go all the way to our 10’ x 30’ rental. With a total of 300 square feet at your disposal, we are not shy on space. This may be the best pick for a family which is
moving from one location to another and needs to store many pieces of furniture for a period of time.

Get Help

Perhaps the best way to figure out exactly what size storage you need is simply to ask for assistance. By contacting our office, we will be happy to provide you with guidance based on years of experience. With so many options available, you can be sure that one of them will be perfect for your needs!

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